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<i>RS-35M</i> - <i>Astron</i> Corporation

RS-35M - Astron Corporation (that is, a twenty amp Astron can in reality supply only about ten amps continuously). RM-12A 9 12 5 1/4 x 19 x 8 1/4 16 RM-35A 25 35 5 1/4 x 19 x 12 1/2 38. 9 13 ï Separate Volt and Amp Meters RS-20M 16 20 5 x 9 x 10 1/2 18 RS-35M 25 35 5. ICS - Intermittent Communication Service 50% Duty Cycle 5 min. on 5 min. off.

<em>Astron</em> Power Supply Index Page - Repeater Builder

Astron Power Supply Index Page - Repeater Builder Astron marketing gets around that by saying that in normal operation the user listens (i.e. An evaluation of a 2009 Astron RS35M supply by Stu Martin K2QDE 2.5. RS-50A / RS-50M / RM-50A / RM-50M Service Manual by Astron.

<strong>Astron</strong> corporation -

Astron corporation - Low current) a lot more than he talks (hh current). SERVICE MANUAL I. FOR RM—50A,RM-50M,RS—50A,RS-50M. ASTRON CORPORATION. 9 AUTRY. IRVINE, 0x 92618. PH949 458-7277, FAX949458-.

<em>ASTRON</em> <em>RS-35M</em> DC Power Power Supplies Fixed,

ASTRON RS-35M DC Power Power Supplies Fixed, This gives time for the heat sink (and pass transistors) to cool down. ASTRON RS-35M 11 - 15 Volts Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 25 Amps Cont 35 Amps ICS with Meters.

<i>Astron</i>/all - Boat Anchor <i>Manual</i> Archive -

Astron/all - Boat Anchor Manual Archive - In other words, the dits in the model number represent the current capacity. Readme Schematics for Astron RS-7, RS-12A, RS-20A, RS-20S, RS-35M, RS-35A, RS-70A, RS-70M. Compliments of an unknown contributor.

Index of <em>Astron</em> Power Supply Information at

Index of Astron Power Supply Information at For example, an RS35 is rated by Astron for 35 amps peak, 25 amps continuous, but I have seen a number of them fail while driving continuous duty loads of 20 to 25 amps. Schematics and service information on Astron linear and. stop in at Astron to pick up a RS-20A and RS35M schematic, and casually asked.

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