Jensen phase linear uv7i manual

Pyle-Pro PDW128 12'' 900 Watt Professional 8 OHM JENSEN PARKING BRAKE BYPASS VM9311, 9411, 9511TS,9021T2 I have the factory code to bypass the parking brake. It beats hooking up a switch and it works 100% guaranteed. After payment is sent i will send the instructions through to your email address just please dont forget to provide me with it. (What I did was I installed my radio entirely, then took the pink wire and touched for two seconds, removed for two seconds and then touched and held the negative pole of a mower battery laying on my passenger seat until the screen was no longer blue.) 2) Next, on the main remote press stop twice, then 1, 2, 6, 4. Price DOES NOT include programming instructions for training the vehicle to. Jensen Phase Linear MP3 DVD Radio Wire Plug Harness VM9311TS VM9410.

How do i bypass the parking brake switch in order for my. - I didnt believe it til i tried it myself this morning. You will now see a hidden menu that says: Region Code Brake Override (I know you're drooling by now) Macrovision (Watch all the burned and pirated movies you want if this option is off) Loader Version Model Version 3) Using the rht joystick on the unit, navate to the options of your choice, click on them to toggle on, off or which region code you want. This is the sollution to the bypass of the uv7i to make the dvd player work. Hola aqui esta el bypass para Jensen Phase Linear UV10 y resto de linea. a BOSS BV9975B or 9978B? do you have Bypass instructions for it?

Audiovox - - owner guides and user There are two ways of doing this: Insert the DVD After the disc loads and plays you will see a blue screen telling you "it is unlawful to drive with a movie blah blah blah" 1)Activate the brake sequence and disable the blue screen using the hand brake, the switch method or anything else to give the unit its three pulses to disable that freakin blue screen. Jensen JPA460 User's Manual. Jensen PS475. UV7i Instruction manual. VM9214 Operating. Phase Linear SD1411 Owner`s manual. SIR- CK2 User.

Unlock code for a phase linear in-dash dvd - YouTube Just read it: The code is a permanent way of disabling the brake override on the jensen units. This is a short vid of a phase linear dvd uv7i and the unlock code is stop stop 1,2,6,4.

Jensen Wire Harness eBay This is what you want: Region Code: 1 Brake Override ON Macrovision: OFF When your done, click SYS SETUP on the main remote TWICE to save the settings and bingo, your done!!! You can now your whole family in the car while watching that adult movie while your driving..... THIS PLUG WILL FIT AND WORK FOR THE LISTED MODELS ABOVE AS WELL AS VM9312DVD AND PHASE LINEAR UV7i, AND MORE. JENSEN & PHASE.

Instruction Manual Manual de Instrucciones Guide d. - Jensen The other way of doing this is by not engaging the parking brake sequence, thus you're inputting the code blindly. In this owner's manual clear and easy to follow. If you take a. you'll learn how to use all the features of your new Jensen Phase Linear UV10 Mobile. Multimedia.

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